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Project Map

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The Rural Alternative (Bypass) is being developed as a four-lane limited access facility intended to route through traffic around the more developed and congested segments of U.S. 301 including the City of Starke. A limited access facility is proposed because it will: 1) afford increased safety; 2) have a higher average travel speed; 3) have a greater lane capacity; and 4) reduce the potential of urban sprawl in the rural areas.

Project Map

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The major factors that contributed to the development of the specific rural alignment included: 1) connections to the existing road system; 2) avoidance of sensitive wetlands to the greatest extent possible; and 3) avoidance of residences and businesses. The Rural Alternative alignment begins on existing U.S. 301 approximately 1.5 miles south of the city limits at Prevatt Creek, and continues on new location west of the existing route for a distance of approximately 7 miles, returning and ending on existing U.S. 301 approximately 2.2 miles north of town at Morgan Road (County Road 233).

Project Schedule

PD&E Study - Ongoing

Preliminary Engineering - Segment 1 - Began Jan., 2010
Segment 2 - Began Mar., 2010
Segment 3 - Began May, 2010

Right of Way Acquisition - Segment 1 - Begin 2013
Segment 2 - Begin 2013
Segment 3 - Begin 2014

Construction Not Funded

Total Estimated Project Cost
$ 170 Million
Includes Construction, Right of Way, Engineering and Wetland Mitigation

What is a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study?

A Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study is a detailed process by which major transportation projects are developed by the Florida Department of Transportation.

The objective of a PD&E Study is to perform preliminary engineering studies to address the transportation and safety needs and to evaluate potential social, natural and physical environmental impacts. These studies are used to support the decisions concerning if and where the improvements should be built. This process has been authorized by Florida Statues to comply with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and to secure Federal Government approval of the environmental documents.

Project Contact Information

Dennis Lord, Project Manager Florida Department of Transportation 1109 South Marion Avenue, Mail Sta. 2007 Lake City, Florida 32025-5874 Toll Free (800) 749-2967 ext. 7520 Direct (386) 961-7520 Email:dennis.lord@dot.state.fl.us